We are committed to provide lifelong quality and meaningful education

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We feel happy to inform you about the school program of new academic session 2077. We are committed to provide lifelong quality and meaningful education to the children in a joyful learning environment. We believe that a complete development of a child can be imagined in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Children can achieve expected level of potential in an inquiring, project work, group work, field study, sharing and practical learning environment. Therefore, we foster to achieve both the academic and new leadership roles and practices to ensure quality education of our students. We are trying to inform you about the major school program below.

Major Programs

New Enrolments

All students under the age of 2.4 months to 16/17 years can enroll and join in the Emile family by their parents or guardians. For new enrolments, parents may contact and collect admission form from the school administration and arrange an appointment for school visit and entrance test.

School Curriculum

We have applied Montessori based curriculum in the Kindergarten (Grade Nursery to UKG) and government based curriculum in the other classes with sufficient references.

Student Evaluation

We regularly monitor children’s progress and compile the progress of children in portfolio. We maintain individual portfolio of children and discuss with student and parents for further improvement.

Homework Scheme

All teachers set a manageable amount of homework on a regular basis, which are based on text book, project work and current issues.


All parents who wish to speak to the Principal, Vice-Principal, Counsellor, Level Incharge or the Teachers are advised to phone and make an appointment from the school reception one day earlier.

School Uniform

There is the provision of school uniform for junior (Grade LKG to One) except on Sunday and Wednesday and all school days for both senior students. Students studying in the play group and Nursery attend at school in casual dress throughout the year. We expect students always tidy and up-to-date in their school uniform as prescribed. Parents will be called for the unusual, dirty and rough uniform.


School provides library classes from grade two to ten students. Students from grade four to ten have their own library card to borrow the books of their interest from the library. We have managed classroom library called mini library to the junior classes (Kindergarten section).

Extra-curricular Activities

The school runs developmentally appropriate and stimulating ECA to support physical, emotional and social development of student with creativity and self-esteem. We train the children by senior instructor for Taekwondo Training.

Safe and Child Friendly Environment

Emile Academy aims to develop an environment which is supportive of all students and which provides all with opportunities for future success in an ever-changing world.  A serious effort and attention is given to create a safe and developmentally sound environment.  We have Earthquake resistant modern building and student friendly environment. We also have managed CCTV surveillance classes and school promises for the safety purpose of the students.

Parents’ Teachers Interaction

The school is regularly organizes parents and teachers interaction program to create cooperative culture between the school and parents and to improve student progress.


There is a canteen, providing healthy lunch, morning & evening snacks located at the school premises.


Students are responsible for the care and maintenance of their textbooks and possessions. Large sums of money and certain valuables should not be brought by the students at school. MP3/iPod players, hand held computer games, skate boards, pen drives, mobile phones, gold rings and ornaments etc. are not to be brought to school.

Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students

We encourage students for self-discipline, models, positive and productive attitudes.

We aim to establish a practical and effective responsible behaviour plan which is integral to the school’s culture.  We intend to equip children with personal, family and social conflict resolution skills to create cooperative, understanding and peaceful society.


We have developed annual academic calendar. There will be holidays as mentioned in the school calendar. Parents may get information of regular school program, open or close and any other quarries dialing the number: 1618014620623 or message in their mobile number from the school.

Teachers’ Professional Development

We conduct orientation, workshop and teacher training classes on regular basis. Teachers are guided with best practices for classroom management and teaching techniques.

Community Service

As a part to achieve its institutional philosophy, Emile Academy has always provided opportunities for the students to work for the good of the community. Students participate in awareness campaign, rally and other programs related to the community. Students also participate street drama on various issues for the community welfare.

School Fees

There is reasonable and affordable monthly as well as admission fees, appropriate for all the middle and higher class of people. Parents must pay the school fees of their ward in advance i.e. within first week of each month.